Man says he broke into San Diego bank to cook a Hot Pocket

SAN DIEGO, Calif. (KGTV) – Authorities say a man broke into a bank to use a microwave for his Hot Pocket Wednesday.

Police were called to a Wells Fargo bank in San Diego early that morning.

When they arrived, they found a broken window near the bank’s drive-thru.

They say the alarm company reported surveillance cameras captured a man inside a break room and using the microwave.

Officers arrested the man and that’s when he admitted why he was there.

The man had the following exchange with a reported while he was being detained:

Reporter: “You did that for a Hot Pocket?”

Man: “Yes, all that for a Hot Pocket.”

Reporter: “You broke into a bank for a Hot Pocket?”

Man: “Hot Pocket. (singing) Hot Pocket.”

Reporter: “Was it worth it?”

Man: “Hell yeah it was worth it. *expletive* yes, it was worth it. A Hot Pocket? Hell yeah.”

The man was arrested on suspicion of breaking into the bank.

Authorities have not released his name or any other details.

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