Man survives being dumped into Crescent City garbage truck

CRESCENT CITY, Calif. – A man had to be rescued after he was accidentally loaded into a dump truck in Crescent City.

Firefighters said on March 5 at about 6:30 a.m., a trash truck was emptying dumpsters in the city like normal when the driver either saw or heard a man on top of the truck’s cab.

The driver stopped and found out the man had crawled up from inside the trash compartment.

Firefighters arrived and used ropes and a ladder truck to lift the injured man off the truck. He was then transported to the hospital.

“This incident could have been tragic had the victim lost consciousness in the rear of the refuse truck or not been able to get back on top of the cab, as he would have been compacted into the load of trash and died,” firefighters said. “Dumpsters are not designed for human habitation and should not be occupied for any reason.”

Rescuers aren’t sure yet if the man was sleeping in the dumpster or if he was inside for some other purpose.

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