Man throws huge rock, breaks into Talent Police Station

Talent, Ore.–┬áMateo Flores said he came home to screaming and yelling Wednesday night. “I heard some guy yelling at someone next thing you know some guy is down on his knees and someone else is saying get down on the ground.”
A man was pinned to the ground, after Talent Police said he hurled a football sized rock through the Talent Police Station’s front door.
“I was working on some reports and I heard what sounded like some shots,”said Chief Mike Moran.
He said the suspect welcomed himself right into the front lobby.

“Subject came in had a shirt over his head like a hoodie. He then was taken at gun point outside.
He presented a challenge and was not cooperating. He was tazed then complied some what, then continued to resist buT was overwhelmed with the man power at that point.”
Chief Moran said the suspect was not armed
and luckily no one was hurt.
But the Chief said this is unusual in that this is a first. At his station’s front door.
“Quite shocking frankly.”

Chief Moran also said they don’t know why the suspect did this but it appears he was walking his dog in the neighborhood.
And said the suspect is facing burglary charges among others.

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