Maryland kid punches robber

Silver Spring, MD (WJLA) — A 7-year-old boy fought back against armed robbers at a video game store in Silver Spring, Maryland, and it was all caught on tape.

The boy’s father said, “They were on top of us really before we knew what was happening.” It was an armed robbery, caught on surveillance tape.

Montgomery County Police Officer Rick Goodale said, “The two suspects knew exactly what they wanted to do, and aggressively took over the store.”

The cameras caught glimpses of a father, mother, and their seven-year-old son. “They pointed their gun at us and said get on the floor, then he pushed us on the floor,” said the boy’s father.

Just 10 feet away, that little boy fought back- a flurry of punches. His father said, “He’s a brave little boy, and he recognized that he was in a dangerous situation and that was a stranger and he was trying to defend himself.”

Both parents were on the ground, held at gunpoint. “I said out loud, ‘I need my son’ and so he broke free from them and came over to us,” said the boy’s father.

Video shows the robbers pushing to clerks on the floor at gunpoint. The boy’s father said, “I heard death threats.”

They rifled through the cash drawer and took one clerk’s cell phone. Officer Goodale said, “The video games can be very expensive, they do deal with cash, there’s quite a lot of opportunity.”

The two armed robbers, masked and wearing hoodies, fled the store.

Afterward the seven-year-old spoke to his dad. “He told us that it was a frightening situation but the good news if there is any is that everyone was safe no one was really harmed,” said the boy’s father.

The suspects have not yet been caught.

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