Medford City Council approves ‘Hope Village’

Medford, Ore. — Finding a home for people who live on the street may be a step closer tonight.

Members of the community joined the Medford City Council to find out if Hope Village is a go.

Rogue Retreat Director Heather Everett couldn’t be happier after the city council has approved to form a contract with Rogue Retreat for ‘Hope Village’.

“Oh I’m so excited it’s like Christmas,” Everett said.

Everett says she didn’t expect the city council meeting to go so well.

“I am so super excited. It’s time to start building the village and be able to help people transition from being on the streets,” Everett said.

For months now, Rogue Retreat has worked with the city to find a proper location for tiny duplexes that will serve as a transitional housing campground for homeless.

“Our goal is to get this village built and people indoors before it gets really cold this winter. We don’t want to lose anybody else,” Everett said.

In addition to approving a contract with Rogue Retreat, Medford City Council decided to place the village of 40 residents on a piece of land near the intersection of Columbus Avenue and McAndrews Road.

Those in opposition of the bills have concern that ‘Hope Village’ could bring more homeless to the area.

But Everett is confident the site won’t be a draw for anybody if they don’t live there.

“The village will be just for the people who live there. Not an attraction for the homeless community, and not a service for the homeless community… other than the residents,” Everett said.

Rogue Retreat says they will only accept residents who want to be successful and are looking to find permanent residence.

However, if the village does become a magnet for trouble, the city can terminate the contract.

Tonight’s meeting was a first reading, so the council will return again next month to make it official.


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