Medford City Council candidates

Medford, Ore., — With one Medford City Councilor seat open for ward four, five new candidates are trying their hand.

Today at the Medford Library, the candidates held an open forum for the public to get to know them and answer any questions they may have.

In recent years the Medford City Council has been an all male group.

“We’re lacking diversity, right now in the 9 person group, all are white males.” said City Councilor, Kevin Stine.

With multiple positions open in this election, including the ward four seat, women are getting involved.

In an open forum meeting at the Medford Library, three out of the five candidates running got their chance to talk with the public.

Michelle Blum Atkinson got started in politics when she put together the library levy back in 2014.

“My focus is two things, public safety and developing an economic strategy.”

Andrea Duarte Jablonski has no political experience, but has spent most of her life in health care.

“One of my main focuses is seniors, I didn’t hear anyone else talking about that, and it’s kind of an issue that hasn’t been brought up a lot.”

The two other female candidates, Ruth Moncus and Kim Wallan were not present, but the fifth and only male candidate, George Schroeder was.

“I want the City Council to be more responsive, that’s why I’m running for city council, I want things to get done faster in all the city departments.”

No matter who wins, current City Councilor Kevin Stine says he’s looking forward to some diversity.

“I wanna see people that really are community based, and bring in new fresh ideas, and I believe that there are plenty of candidates running for city council that do hold those values.”

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