Medford considering 2 new middle schools

Medford, Ore. — The city of Medford predicts a 2.5% increase in elementary aged students in the coming years, and the school district is looking for ways to accommodate that growth. One idea is adding two middle schools to the district.

There are currently 14,000 students within the 549C district, and classrooms are reaching capacity.

“We did open enrollment for the first time just this last year and saw about 60 additional students,” communications director, Natalie Hurd says, “but we’re also seeing a boom in just new kindergartners coming and signing in.”

“There’s a lot of families  who are moving in to the area,” Hurd adds, “and it’s not only good for the district but it’s great for the city of Medford.”

There are a few possibilities in how this might look. The district is considering building a new school, and converting Central High School in to Medford Middle School. Or building a new elementary school, and converting an existing elementary school into a middle school along with the conversion of Central High.

The district is hiring a firm to complete a population study. A committee will also be formed to draw up a bond measure for May 2019. If voters approve the bond and all goes as planned, there could be two new middle schools up and running by the year 2020.

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