Medford doctor working closely with child who could be telepathic

Medford, Ore.–¬†What might look like a child’s drawings and gibberish, is really a 6-year-old boys’ spelling of his own name in Hebrew, Russian, and Arabic.

“He’s able to read and write in eight different languages he’s had that ability since he was four months old.”

Medford Doctor Diane Powell has been running her private psychiatry practice in the Rogue Valley for 12 years and is working on a very special project with a little boy named Ramses Sanguino from Los Angeles, California.

“He is not the first savant I have worked with but he is the most profound.”

Dr. Powell has been studying neuroscience for close to 30 years. Her passion is with autistic children like Sanguino who also happens to have Savant Syndrome. She said there are only 100 prodigious savants in the world that have multiple talents like Sanguino.

“They may not be able to do simple mathematical math like adding or multiplying and yet they might be able to solve a complex algebraic equation.”

That’s exactly what little Ramses can do.

It caught the attention of Barcoft Media as seen in their documentary pilot on Sanguino. You see the child guessing the numbers his mother just wrote down. And speaking Japanese at 2-years-old.

Dr. Powell said she believes his intelligence is beyond a gift. That he could be telepathic.

“It’s such an outrageous thought for scientists that people could be telepathic. That the numbers need to be so high and savants are just so accurate.”

Powell hopes by studying Ramses and his characteristics, she can find a break through that will help parents communicate with their non-verbal autistic child.

“Really trying to take advantage of this knowledge and developing treatments for these children. A lot of other ways to work with people who have these kinds of needs”

And said if Ramses is telepathic it will be a historic for the world.

“If it’s really possible then that is something that we need to know about because it has huge treatment implications.”

Dr. Powell said she asked others who speak the same languages little Ramses can write in and they confirmed he is spelling everything correctly.

Powell is heading to Los Angeles on Saturday where she will be working with two other therapists who will help her determine if Ramses is telepathic.

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