Medford man adopted at young age reunites with mom, thanks to DNA test.

MEDFORD, Ore. — A Medford man adopted at a young age is finding a whole new family.  61- year old Ron Swain is sharing his story of hope after he was reunited with his biological mother after decades of searching.

“I just know we’re building a bond and a relationship that we haven’t had for so many years… it’s been almost sixty years,” said Swain.  “We really didn’t say a whole lot, but she wouldn’t let go of me, and I wouldn’t let go of her.”

Swain was adopted at 16 months. He says he had a great childhood growing up in southern California. At an early age, he always wanted to know the woman that gave birth to him but after finding out the adoption agency closed, the chances of finding her were slim.

“I really couldn’t find out any information about that because they locked all the records and so I really kinda gave up hope,” said Swain.

He moved to Bend, Oregon and became a finish carpenter. He later moved to the Philippines and met the love of his life.  Swain says over the years, he lost interest in finding his birth parents, but he did want to learn more about his ancestry. That led him to take a DNA test using 23andMe this summer.

“I went ahead and I took that DNA test and I found out that my background is German and French,” said Swain.

However, that’s not the only thing he found out. The DNA test connected him with his long lost niece.

“She wrote back I say within ten minutes…she goes oh my gosh we’ve been looking for you… come to find out they’ve been trying to find me for years,” he said.

He found out that his mom is 79 years old and is living in Seattle with his niece and sister. Excited to see each other, he flew up to see her.

“It was just like tears were flying and it was very emotional and I just wanted to reassure her that she was forgiven,” he said.

Since meeting in August, he’s met other family members in Seattle and in Portland.

Swain says for many years, he’s always questioned why his mother gave him up, but after finding out she was looking for him all these years, he’s at peace.

“It was nothing but love and grace that they have for me and so that means a lot.”

Swain also received a message from a relative on his birth’s father’s side so his family journey is only just beginning.

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