Medford man still missing on 10-year anniversary of disappearance

MEDFORD, Ore. – Police are asking for the public’s help in locating evidence that could lead them to a man who has been missing for 10 years.

The Medford Police Department said that on June 13, 2008, 18-year-old Brandon Perdue left his home in the 2700 block of Aldersgate Road in Medford. He hasn’t been seen since.

A decade after Perdue went missing, MPD assigned a special investigator to the case in order to re-evaluate the situation. Police offered the following summary of the investigation, emphasizing the importance of finding Perdue’s vehicle:

On 06-13-08 at about 6:30 pm Brandon Perdue was home and had been texting with family and friends. Brandon Perdue left his home abruptly dressed in casual clothing in his vehicle alone. He was texting that he was considering harming himself. Brandon Perdue continued to text until his cell phone was deactivated, likely a drained battery. We determined that the last contact with Brandon was a text message received by a friend at about 8:54 pm. There have been no confirmed contacts with family or friends since.

During initial contact with family and friends, police learned Brandon Perdue may travel to the area of Lost Creek Lake. Messages sent from Brandon Perdue indicated that he may have gone to a remote location to harm himself.

Cell phone data was received and analyzed by forensic analysts in June 2008.  After evaluating the data we determined that Brandon Perdue, after leaving his home drove north on Highway 62 to Eagle Point then traveled east, through Eagle Point to Highway 140 continuing east. A cell tower located on Robinson Butte was the last tower to receive cellular activity that we have identified; those calls were documented at 7:46 pm. There were additional messages noted in the data until 8:54 pm., however those messages were not associated to a cell site. The Robinson Butte cell site is located just south of Highway 140 between Fish Lake and Lake of the Woods.

The above cell phone history was provided to Medford Police Detectives, Jackson County Search and Rescue and to Brandon Perdue’s family and friends. Organized searches were conducted in the Lost Creek Lake area and the roadways in and around the Robinson Butte area over a period of days. Brandon’s family and friends conducted numerous searches of these areas over several weeks. The family also hired aircraft to conduct air searches along the roadways adjacent to Highway 140 east extending into the Klamath Basin. All searches were designed to look for Brandon’s vehicle primarily. All searches were met with negative results.

There have been several stories aired in the local media displaying photos of Brandon Perdue and likenesses of his vehicle requesting the public’s help in locating Brandon and or his vehicle. There have been no tips received that led to the discovery of Brandon Perdue or his vehicle.

We have been in contact with family and friends to generate new information. We have sent the cell phone and cell site data out to the military to be re-evaluated. Technology has improved since this initial report although we are limited to the data received in June 2008. We have been in contact with the Jackson County Search and Rescue Coordinator. Jackson County SAR is reevaluating the cell phone activity in an attempt to determine if additional searches would be beneficial. We have been in contact with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC). We have been in contact with National Missing and Unidentified Person System (NamUs). Attached with this release is an enhanced likeness of Brandon Perdue from January 2018 provided by NCMEC. Also attached is a likeness of Brandon Perdue’s 1998 Red Honda Civic. We have conducted numerous searches of data in public and private files. We have obtained Brandon Perdue’s family reference DNA sample and his dental history file which is continually searched nationally.

Public Assistance Requested-

We are asking for the public’s help in locating Brandon Perdue and or his vehicle. The vehicle [Red 1998 Honda Civic Coupe (Oregon License XVB-615)]  is very important to locate. This vehicle may have already been found and recovered. We ask that wrecking yards, tow companies in the Southern Oregon, Northern California region to check their tow records and check their inventory for the Perdue vehicle. We ask anyone who while hunting, hiking or recreating may have seen or recovered the Perdue vehicle please contact Medford Police. Any information should be forwarded to Medford Police, Medford Oregon by phone, e mail or facebook.

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