Medford School District questions ethics of Logos Public Charter School

Medford, Ore. — A series of emails and letters are outlining a new disagreement brewing between Medford School District and Logos Public Charter School.

Medford School District has discussed an ethics complaint regarding Logos Public Charter School after Logos contracted a for-profit Professional Employment Organization (PEO) to handle things like teacher benefits, salary and retirement.

The contractor – known as Western Collegiate Consulting – is owned by the former Logos director.

Medford School District is worried that’s a conflict of interest.

Moreover, while Logos is in fact allowed to contract out for services, the district is worried the charter school didn’t comply with Oregon’s public contracting statutes.

The statute states if a public agency like Logos is contracting out for services in excess of $250,000 dollars, the school must demonstrate one of two things: the contractor is more cost effective than using its own personnel and resources, or using its own personnel is not feasible.

The board of Logos Public Charter School says it would have preferred to contract a non-profit entity, but none exist.

It also states the school would receive better benefits and salaries with Western Collegiate Consulting.

Logos further states it’s aware of the obligations under the public contracting code, with the understanding it can be interpreted liberally.

The school says it’s genuinely concerned the district feels misled and hopes to be transparent moving forward.

Of course, there is much more information on this dispute.

Stay with NBC5 News as we uncover more information.

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