Medford survey asks public what to do with marijuana tax revenue

MEDFORD, Ore.– A massive amount of tax revenue from marijuana is flowing into the City of Medford. Now the city is asking for input from residents on where the money should go.

On its website, the city has a survey asking people to decide on eight different options. Those range from an Aquatics/ Events Facility to Youth and Community Enrichment (financial assistance for low to moderate income families to participate in youth activities) to Bear Creek Greenway Improvements (lighting, vegetation removal, etc.)

Everyone has a different opinion on what they want this new found money to go towards and with more than a million dollars to spend, the city has narrowed it down to a few important options and is asking Medford residents which one is most important to them.

But rather than supply money to all of the options, some council members say they hope to just focus on the top choices.

“Given the fact that it’s going to be a finite amount of dollars I would hate to see it dispersed up into too many projects to where it be ineffective in all of them,” said Clay Bearnson, Ward 2 councilmember. “As opposed to maybe sticking to one or two of the answers people return.”

It’s estimated another $600,000 in revenue will come in from 2018. That would give the city $1.8 million to work with.

The survey will be live until next Monday when the council and budget committee will review the results. A more definitive decision on where the money should go will be made in the coming months.

If you would like to take the survey, you can access it by clicking here.


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