Medford teacher offers homeschooling services amid pandemic

MEDFORD, Ore. — “There have been home school co-ops for as long as there’s been traditional school. It just now is on the mind and in the faces of everyday parents,” said Crystal Lucas, former teacher at ‘Kids Unlimited Academy.’

Learning from home is becoming a reality for students across the globe, as the coronavirus pandemic has forced education systems to evolve.

It hasn’t been easy.

But one Medford charter school teacher say it’s opening the door for new opportunities.

“I’m choosing to instead evolve with the education system,” said Lucas.

Lucas has worked in education for 10 years teaching at levels 6th grade through college.

She was recently let go from her position at Medford’s ‘Kids Unlimited Academy’ after it was re- structured to meet the needs of the pandemic.

Instead of re-applying for the position, Lucas says she had concerns about going back into the classroom.

“Keeping students 6 feet a part cuts out small group instruction, it cuts out my ability to hand out papers and collect papers back and know that the papers are safe and sanitized,” she said.

Lucas says she understands why the health guidelines need to be in place, however, worries solutions like moving classrooms to gymnasiums will make it difficult to educate.

“If we have students 6 feet a part and I have 28 students… and I’m at the front of the class are the students in the back of the class… who are very, very far from the other instructor, are they going to hear me,” she said.

Lucas turned to a different solution: home schooling.

She says parents can be stakeholders in their children’s education and she can work with families about what they want their child to learn while ensuring the curriculum meets state standards.

“I think that parents are realizing that they can be stakeholders, direct stakeholders in their children’s education. I think that parents who were maybe unhappy or disinvested in the educational system previously are going to have newfound empowerment,” Lucas said.

Lucas can be reached at 541-200-5069.

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