Medford Water Commission urges rationing during chlorine shortage

MEDFORD, Ore. – The Medford Water Commission is asking for residents to voluntarily reduce their water usage due to a nationwide water disinfectant shortage.

It’s important to point out the water is safe to drink. The agency says it just wants to play it safe until the chlorine supply is more predictable.

Medford Water Commission General Manager Brad Taylor, “We’re hearing at this point that supplies should start to resume again towards the end of June, but the supply chain will lag.”  

Ways to reduce your water usage include turning off the water when brushing your teeth or shaving, taking shorter showers, and turning off sprinklers when they aren’t needed.

The commission said water may appear cloudy due to excess air in the system as they work to extend the chlorine supply.

The message about voluntary rationing also applies to properties within Central Point, Eagle Point, Phoenix, Talent, Jacksonville, and White City.

The City of Grants Pass and Ashland will be unaffected by the shortage because it gets chlorine from another source in California.

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