Medford woman writes book based on personal romance scam

MEDFORD, Ore.– Scammed through romance. A Medford woman has written a book based on her experience with a man she met online.

It’s called “To Be With You: The Illusion of Love” and Diane West, describes in detail the journey, her test of faith and how everything wasn’t what it seems in part love story, part who-done-it.

When it all began, his name was Wright Walker – a railway engineer from Portland. To West – he was someone who she connected with.

“You know after the first week I was in love with the guy,” she said.

After 33 and a half years of marriage, West’s husband passed away in March of 2018. Three months later, she decided to try out an online dating website.

“You know it’s like window shopping,” she said. “You’re really not going to buy, you’re just looking.”

But West, who turns 70 next month, admits she wasn’t aware of some of the do’s and don’ts and red flag warnings that come with online dating.

“I wasn’t up on all the pitfalls of that kind of situation,” she said. “I was naive. I just kind of fell into it.”

Over the course of six months, West became embedded with a man she only messaged or spoke over the phone with. It ultimately led to a point where she was loaning him money to help with his “business’s.”

“As a business loan, because it was for his business and I’m in business I understand that,” she said. “So I ended up loaning him $10,000 in the beginning.”

The whole relationship spiraled from there on leading to a hole West is still climbing out of. She says she did have her suspicions but at the time feelings of love overrode everything else.

“On the one hand I wanted to love this man and on the other hand my reason and rationality was being pushed back,” she said.

As a devout Christian though, she says her belief is that God had a hand in this and is continuing to guide her still. It’s been a test but she realizes it’s brought her closer to her faith.

While she still has a road to climb, her hope is this book can become a cautionary tale for others going through similar situations.

The book is available on Amazon and Apple Books. You can also follow West’s story on her website She says she’s been blogging about events since the book was written and what she’s continued to learn.

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