Medical experts issue warning about getting COVID on purpose

(NBC) The transmissibility of Omicron and pandemic fatigue may be having a dangerous effect of people trying to catch COVID. Health experts say that’s a bad idea.

We hear about many people with mild cases but that doesn’t mean yours will be. You could still get very sick. You could also infect someone who won’t handle it as well, like the elderly or immunocompromised. And, you’re putting yourself at risk for long-haul COVID.

Still, some people are taking the risk, like restaurant worker Riley St. James’ father. Riley said, “He is vaccinated, he actually got the Omicron variant. I don’t know… he just went out and one day was like, ‘Oh, just bring it on, bring on the COVID.’ You know? And he got it.”

Dr. Keri Althoff with Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health said, “We should all be doing what we can to avoid becoming infected with Omicron. We should all be doing what we can to avoid being part of this transmission link with other people including our most vulnerable.”

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