Mercy Flights investigates flight training accident

Medford, Ore.– An investigation in Siskiyou County is continuing after a Mercy Flights plane was forced to make a belly landing at the Siskiyou County Airport.

Mercy Flights says two pilots were in the plane at the time but neither was hurt. The pair were on a training flight when the incident happened.

The plane, which is used to transport patients across the state in emergencies, was significantly damaged.

Mercy Flights says the incident won’t affect its service.

“We still have another air craft here to serve the community and also we have great community or regional partners,” said Doug Stewart, CEO of Mercy Flights. “We’re going to ensure that there is no gap in emergency medical transports for the community.”

The company is waiting to hear from its insurance company to figure out next steps. If the insurance company deems the plane as “totaled,” Mercy Flights will have to look at purchasing a new plane.

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