Millions hit the road despite COVID-19 travel warning

WASHINGTON, D.C. (NBC News) – Despite warnings and a dramatic increase in the number of coronavirus cases and deaths across the country, millions are packing up and taking a holiday trip this week.

Doctors, nurses, health officials and city and state leaders for weeks have been urging travelers not to take Thanksgiving trips.

They’re warning that the spread of COVID-19 cases will only grow as groups and families gather.

Still, for some, spending months cooped up and the pull of seeing family and friends feels stronger right now than the risk of infection.

Airline passengers are required to wear masks and airports are trying to enforce social distancing.

“No one is six feet apart, like everyone’s kind of three feet apart or two feet apart,” said traveler Sidney Morgan.  “It’s horrible.”

That concern is driving some travelers to the road.  AAA says 80 percent of fall trips will be by car.

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