“Miracle” crash saves Arizona family


PHOENIX, Ariz. (KPNX) – “It was loud, so loud,” Gabrielle Burns recalled as she stood just feet the Phoenix, Arizona intersection where she and her family came within just inches of their lives.

The last time Ulysses Betancourt and his pregnant wife, Gabrielle Burns, stood at the intersection was just over a week ago.

Ulysses had just come home from work, and the family decided to go to Walmart to get some groceries.

Right as they stepped onto the crosswalk, they heard a sudden screech.

“I turn to my left and I see the Jeep heading straight for us,” said Ulysses. “I was just like, ‘We’re gonna get hit.’ The second thought in my mind was just get my family out of the way.”

Red light cameras were rolling as a Jeep ran the red light and headed straight for the family.

Then a miracle happened.  A Chevy with a green light crashed into the red-light runner, deflecting the crash, and saving the family.

“It made it too real that we couldn’t be here tomorrow,” said Burns.

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