Mississippians embrace new flag

(WLBT/NBC News)  Mississippians voted for a new state flag Tuesday, and they’re already selling fast.

“I’m going to put mine up today right beside my JSU flag,” said Philip Brown, a customer who couldn’t wait to buy Mississippi’s new state flag.

He’s one of hundreds of people to buy one from A Complete Flag Source in Jackson. Owner Brenda McIntyre pre-ordered some before Election Day.

“I had over 400 flags in stock, waiting. So it would have been, you know, it was a chance that we took to have that many flags already here, but it’s been great because we’ve been able to fill orders right away,” said McIntyre.

Even before the election, she says the magnolia design received a lot of love.

Phillip Brown is proud to be an owner of a new flag. He said, “Some people feel guilty about it, but I’ve never felt guilty about it. I never felt guilty about the previous flag. I believe that you need to know your history. But I think that it wasn’t a part of everybody, of every Mississippian’s history. This can be because it’s something that we started, we voted on, we chose.”

Read more: https://bit.ly/38jX10m

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