Modeling predicts over 5,000 new COVID cases per day in coming weeks

SALEM, Ore. – As the State of Oregon mourns its 3,000th COVID-related death, modeling predicts a dire future.

According to new modeling, there will be even higher increases in daily cases and hospitalizations. The Oregon Health Authority said over the next two weeks, daily cases will increase “exponentially,” with an estimated 5,250 cases and 300 hospitalizations per day between August 25 and September 7.

OHA stated, “These projected increases can be minimized if people adopt the protective measures of wearing masks in public indoor spaces and get vaccinated against COVID-19, according to the report.”

According to the report, immunity from vaccinations provides three times higher level of protection than natural immunity.

“We grieve for every person lost to the virus. I offer my deepest sympathies to every family who has mourned a parent, sibling or child who has died from the disease. Every death serves as a sobering reminder of the devastating personal impact COVID-19 has on all of us. Our sadness is deepened by the realization that these deaths are increasingly preventable. We know that the available vaccines provide a reliable protective shield against serious illness and death from COVID-19. These vaccines are saving lives every day and I urge every Oregonian who has not yet received the vaccine to please make a plan vaccinated.”

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