Monsanto Hit With $2 Billion Cancer Suit Judgment

(NBC News) A California jury has awarded a couple who claim the popular weed killer Roundup caused their cancer $2 billion in damages.

Alberta and Alva Pilliod say when they used Roundup, manufactured by Monsanto, they didn’t believe it was dangerous.

“We wish that Monsanto had warned us ahead of time about the dangers of using Monsanto and there was something on the front of their label that said ‘Danger, may cause cancer’.”

The company notes the Environmental Protection Agency considers the product safe.

Monsanto’s parent company, Bayer, issued a statement which said in part “We are disappointed with the jury’s decision and will appeal the verdict in this case.”

Monsanto’s court battles are not over. An estimated 13,000 plaintiffs have pending lawsuits against the company.

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