More details in $2 million lawsuit are being revealed

Central Point, Ore. — Josh Moulin is former Central Point Police Officer and founder of the Southern Oregon High Tech Crimes Task Force.

Just last month, he filed a lawsuit against the city of Central Point, Central Point Police Chief Kristine Allison and other members of law enforcement.

In 2012, Moulin was put on paid administrative leave while an internal investigation looked into his management of the task force.

According to his lawsuit, his bosses took the investigation to Oregon State Police.

When the agency wouldn’t pursue charges, the Department of Justice became involved filing two counts involving computer crimes. Those charges were ultimately dropped–a Jackson County judge dismissed the case.

The $2 million lawsuit includes quotes from the final verdict: “The court found that the defendants, despite including ‘trained forensic examiners,’ had ‘blatantly disregarded all protocols and training and went on a fishing expedition in a forensically unsound manner on the 13-inch MacBook.'”

Moulin says the case against him was motivated by office politics and rivalries and wasn’t handled correctly.

He claims he was placed on leave without explanation or being informed of the criminal investigation against him.

When NBC5 News spoke with Chief Allison in 2012 about his resignation, she remained tight-lipped. She said it is the policy of the City of Central Point not to comment on any personnel matters regarding any employees.

We spoke with Moulin when the criminal investigation against him was published. He said, “I’ve been interviewed, I took three separate polygraphs on what we thought was the basis of the investigation, so we were surprised to see this case moving forward.”

Although the case was dropped, Moulin says it ended his career in law enforcement damaged his reputation and caused damage, pain and suffering.

NBC5 reached out to the Central Point Police Department. The department says it can’t comment on the lawsuit due to the ongoing litigation.

The following is a response to recent litigation filed by attorney Steve Kraemer who represents the City of Central Point and city employees:

During the past day or two there has been substantial media coverage of the allegations made by Josh Moulin in his recently filed lawsuit.

Prior to filing the lawsuit, Mr. Moulin’s criminal attorney obtained an order in Jackson County Circuit court sealing all records generated as part of the underlying investigation.  For the City to respond to the recent allegations, beyond a denial, would risk violating the terms of the Order, for which sanctions could be imposed by the Court.

By the terms of the Order, it does not apply to Mr. Moulin or his attorneys.

The City’s attorney has asked Mr. Moulin’s attorneys to ask the Circuit court for an order to unseal the records, most of which would otherwise likely be public records.  They have declined this request to ask the court to unseal the records, unless they are released pursuant to a protective order which would probably still prohibit the City from commenting on the contents of the documents.

You’ll find a copy of the lawsuit here.

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