Man arrested following Medford dog attack

0609 Charles NathanUpdate (06/09 8:00 p.m.) — Medford Police have arrested a man accused of encouraging his three large dogs to attack a smaller dog in Medford.

According to officers, an investigation led them to and address on the 1700 block of Orchard Home Drive in Medford. There, police contacted 36-year-old Charles Nathan.

Police said Nathan encouraged his three pit bulls to attack the victim’s Jack Russell Terrier. Following the attack, Nathan used his dogs to threaten the victim.

The Jack Russell Terrier had to be euthanized due to the severity of its injures.

When Nathan was arrested, officers said they found him to be in the possession of methamphetamine and heroin. He was charged with menacing, two counts of animal abuse, and possession of meth and heroin.

Police said Jackson County Animal Services took possession of Nathan’s three dogs.

Medford, Ore. – Medford Police are looking for a man after they say his dogs mauled a Jack Russel Terrier on Wednesday night.

Police said the incident occurred just after 9:30 p.m. near South Medford High School.

According to officers, a woman was walking her dog on a leash as she entered the driveway of the high school. A man who was walking three pit bull type dogs on a leash was leaving the same driveway. One of the pit bulls broke loose and started attacking the woman’s dog.

Officers said the man came over to the woman with his other two dogs and they joined in the attack. The man wouldn’t interfere in the mauling, reportedly saying the dogs are “pack animals” and to leave them be.

Medford Police said after the dog was motionless on the ground, he took his dogs and left. He was last seen on Warren Way near Diamond Street.

The woman followed the man, but police said he threatened her, saying he would let his dogs attack her if she didn’t stop following.

Police describe the suspect as a white man in his mid 30s, with a stocky build and light colored hair. He was wearing a white tank top and shorts. The woman described one of the pit bulls as being brown and white in color.

The responding officer rushed the woman’s dog to a veterinary clinic, but it had to be euthanized due to the severity of its injuries.

Medford Police add, “This has nothing to do with the breed of dog, it is all about responsible dog ownership.”

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