Mt. Ashland opens earlier than expected

ASHLAND, Ore. — Mt. Ashland ski area officially opened the slopes Friday morning. Boarders and skiers could start hitting the slopes at 9 A.M. but a special group got to start a half an hour earlier.

“We’ve started this tradition of doing day onesie, where we do $25 tickets, encourage people to come up and wear a onesie,” Hiram Towle, General Manager at Mt. Ashland ski area, said. “They get first tracks up the sonnet lift and people loved it.”

Dozens of people joined in on the onesie fun wearing a Sasquatch outfit, a Pikachu outfit and even a teddy bear outfit.

“Today, of course, I am participating in day one onesie, so I brought out my onesie with some of my friends here,” Gary King, head coach for Southern Oregon League of Alpine Racing, said.

Mt. Ashland typically opens in the middle of December but this year, because of the recent snowfall, it was able to open up earlier than usual.

“We always look to open this place as soon as we can, we always love getting our pass holders and supporters out on the mountain as soon as we possibly can,” Towle said.

Skiers and snowboarders were ecstatic about hitting the snow this morning.

“It’s fantastic!” King said. “I’m just beyond myself right now.”

But it wasn’t just the snow and the runs the people enjoyed, it was also the company.

“I love the small knit community that Mt. Ashland has,” Ruby Nink, skier, said.

“We’re tickled pink, couldn’t be happier to have all our friends out here,” Towle said.

Friday was not the only day riders had a chance at “day onesie,” they are also extending it until Saturday.

Mt. Ashland Ski Area will be open through Monday from 9 A.M. to 4 P.M., as for the rest of the week, employees will decide on Monday night if they’ll be open next weekend.


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