Murals bring “hope” to Paradise

PARADISE, Calif. (KCRA) – The hum of activity these days in Paradise, California is largely a collection of passing vehicles, haulers and chainsaws, but those who listen closely can hear an artist at work.

The artist, who towers at over 6 feet tall, with spiked hair to boot, stands there shaking a spray paint can back and forth while staring at the photograph of a woman.

He doesn’t know this woman, but he knows what he wants her mural to represent.

“As a Christian, I’ve grown up and I’ve always had a heart to use my art to bring hope and joy to the downcast and brokenhearted,” says Shane Grammer, the man in paint-splattered, camouflage cargo pants. “Literally since high school — going on missions trips to Mexico, doing a mural. My first one was just a small mural in an orphanage no one will ever see, and I’ve done that multiple times.”

For the Chico native, this project in Paradise carries a different meaning.

“I know, oh gosh, at least probably two dozen people that have lost their homes in the fire up here from just my upbringing growing up,” he said. “And my family still lives in Chico and Orland, so I have a lot of ties here.”

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