Mysterious bullets appear at Washington saloon

Snohomish, Wash. (KING) — A different kind of shot is being served at a Snohomish, Washington bar.

Mike Martin, the owner of Stewart’s Place, has found several old bullets outside his saloon.

He’s hoping to find out not only some Snohomish history, but also what could’ve gone down during a possible “trigger happy” hour.

Martin was inspecting his old brick wall when he looked down and made a discovery in the dirt: An old lead bullet.

“And everyday since, I ‘ve found two to three every day,” he says.

Over the past couple of weeks, Mike has found what appear to be about a dozen old bullets that were lodged in the wall of his bar.

The building was originally a hardware store, dating back to 1910. At that time Snohomish was an old logging town, its streets full of brothels, bars, and hard-drinking gunslingers.

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