Nativity scene canceled at a West Virginia elementary school

BOONE COUNTY, W.V. (NBCNC) – Some West Virginia parents say political correctness went a little bit too far this Christmas season.

The Christmas program at Ramage Elementary School in Boone County, West Virginia was supposed to include a nativity scene.

But this year, someone complained about it. School officials decided to delete the nativity scene to satisfy the one complaint.

Taking Christmas out of the Christmas program wasn’t acceptable to many parents, so they took matters into their own hands.

The nativity scene was staged just down the road off school property late last week.

Parents signed their kids out. The students performed the nativity scene for about 100 people who gathered in the rain. Afterward, the kids were signed back in to finish out the school day.

Parents were still disappointed the nativity wasn’t performed inside the school. “We just wanted to do a little nativity scene inside the school, not to hurt or bother or force anything on anyone, but it’s just that time of year,” said parent Jeremy Ball.

“In my opinion, it’s really just a sad situation,” said parent Kelly Arkola. “These kids have been practicing for this. It really should’ve taken place (inside the school). Because of some people who don’t know the true meaning of Christmas, it didn’t happen.”

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