New bill would allow Oregonians to pump their own gas

MEDFORD, Ore.– A new bill that would let Oregonians pump their own gas passed the state house of representatives Monday.

Oregon is one of only two states in the country that doesn’t allow it everywhere.

When it comes to the idea of Oregonians pumping their own gas, the consensus is, there is no consensus.

Some like the idea of saving time by pumping their own gas, while others are worried about the jobs that it could take away.

One resident said, “I am against the self serve, I think it gives people an opportunity to have jobs. I am all for other people pumping my gas.”

House bill 2426 would *not completely eliminate gas attendants, but it would give Oregon drivers the choice to fill their car themselves.

The bill would require gas stations to keep half of their pumps for attendants.

The Oregon Fuels Association said gas stations are already having trouble hiring attendants these days and the bill would allow gas stations to stay open longer.

Some like the increased flexibility it would allow.

“It would be absolutely fantastic. It would save so much time overall, everyone doing their own thing instead of waiting on an attendant to attend to everyone. I think it would just be way more efficient,” another resident said.

New Jersey and Oregon are the last two states that still have at least a partial self-service gas ban.

Some locals, originally from out of state are welcoming the new idea, partially because it would be a return to normalcy.

But many against it have concerns about the impact on existing jobs.

A resident said, “I grew up in Alaska so pumping your own gas is what we did, but I think down here it’s taking away the jobs is what it’s really going to hurt. Other than that, getting out and pumping my own gas, I really don’t have a problem with it.”

Another long time Medford resident said, “I’m concerned about the guy’s jobs, but progress is progress.”

The bill passed the house 47 to 10, sending it to the senate.

The senate had its first reading on the bill Tuesday.

Medford State Representative Kim Wallan voted no on the bill and sent us this statement:

“We heard some very persuasive arguments about gas station attendant jobs offering a good pathway for people working their way out of homelessness and raising concerns about limiting access to those jobs. There are important aspects of attended gas service that work well for Oregon and I ultimately decided to vote ‘no’.”

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