New case in Jackson County, ends streak

MEDFORD, Ore.– One new COVID-19 case has been confirmed in Jackson County ending a streak of more than two weeks without a new case.

Jackson County Public Health says the new case was tested in another county but was later connected to a residence in Jackson County.

Public health officials say it’s not a huge issue and overall the county’s outlook remains positive.

However, reopening the county is a potential cause for concern, and health officials want people to be aware of the risks.

“I don’t think the public really understands this is an experiment and a switch just didn’t get flipped that said oh it’s less dangerous than it had been last week,” said Dr. Jim Shames, Jackson County Public Health. “This is the same virus it’s always been.”

Public health officials saying going outdoors is one of the safest things you can do. Dr. Shames says just be sure to wear a mask if you’re interacting with other people or going into any enclosed public areas.

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