New clues in disappearance of missing University of Portland student

PORTLAND, Ore. (KGW) – Police in Portland, Oregon have released new video showing missing University of Portland student Owen Klinger walking west on North Willamette Boulevard the night he disappeared.

Previously, they believed Klinger was last seen heading in another direction after leaving his dorm.

Police are asking residents in the new areas for any personal security video they might have on the night of October 6th, when Klinger was last seen.

Klinger told his friends he was going to a lacrosse team meeting. Police learned that there was no team meeting scheduled. Instead, he left the UP campus at 7:50 p.m. He also withdrew $150 from an ATM on campus.

Police previously said Owen turned off his phone. On Friday, they clarified to say his phone has not been sending or receiving data, but they can’t say how or why. They have requested Klinger’s cell phone data from T-mobile and Google.

Police earlier this week said that Klinger had watched videos about hopping freight trains and watched the movie ‘”Into the Wild,” in which a young man leaves to go to Alaska to live off the grid, prior to his disappearance.

Klinger’s parents were frustrated by the police’s train-hopping theory. His father said just because Owen watched “Into the Wild” doesn’t mean he took off. They said he also read that book in high school and it was something he and his friends had talked about.

“He did watch the movie ‘Into the Wild,’ so that’s one of the police’s theories. He also watched ‘Ocean’s Eleven,’ but I don’t think he’s hijacked any art in the last week,” Dustin Klinger said.

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