New workout trend floats to the Rogue Valley

CENTRAL POINT, Ore.— One of the newest workout trends in Europe is making its way to the Rogue Valley. It’s called float yoga.

Almost everyone has tried yoga in the traditional sense, where you’re on flat ground, in a yoga studio, focusing on your breathing and trying to get a good stretch in. Yoga is also known to be a workout.

But the newest yoga class at Rogue Aquatics in Central Point is switching it up a bit.

“We bought these boards and just decided that we were going to give it a shot. So people are doing it now on stand up paddleboards, in open water so we thought, ‘well why not try this in the pool,'” Owner of Rogue Aquatics, Kathy Zuk, said.

Float yoga is very similar to traditional yoga, you’re still focusing on breathing, stretching and getting a good workout in, but the obvious element, you’re doing it all on water.

“The uniqueness is just trying to get your balance on the water and trying to feel good about being on the water because its a little shaky at first,” first timer, Gigi Orr, said.

Being on the water adds a little more difficulty to the workout. You, of course, have to balance and in order to balance and stay on the board, your core muscles have to be engaged the whole time.

“It’s really hard but it’s great for the core. It’s a great core exercise,” Orr said.

“I work out on a regular basis and when we started doing this, I had awakened muscle groups that I forgot I had. So, it’s quite a bit different than just your typical workout,” Zuk said.

Zuk wants it to be known that this workout is not for those who don’t want to get their hair wet. Since the class is in the pool, and require a lot of balance, there’s the possibility of falling over.

The class is great for people who may have injuries, who want a low impact workout or simply for someone who wants to try out something new and for Orr, have a good time while doing it.

“The camaraderie is great and the teachers are great in the class, so it makes you feel comfortable,” Orr said.

The classes run from 8:30 A.M. to 9:15 A.M. every Tuesday and Thursday at the Rogue Aquatics center.


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