NIH study indicates mixing vaccine boosters is effective

WASHINGTON, D.C. (NBC) – The National Institutes of Health released a study that says “mixing and matching” of COVID-19 vaccine booster shots is safe and effective.

The study looked at 458 volunteers who received a booster from a different maker than their initial vaccination. According to the report, all of the boosters created an increase in antibody levels.

However, patients who originally received the Johnson and Johnson vaccine saw stronger immune system responses when they received boosters from Moderna or Pfizer.

Moderna and Pfizer patients saw similar levels of effectiveness from either company’s booster shots.

This research has yet to be peer-reviewed and scientists warn more research is needed.

However, the data will be shared with the FDA’s advisory committee Friday as they meet to discuss an emergency use authorization of booster shots of the Moderna and Johnson and Johnson vaccines.

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