Ninth Greenway fire under investigation

0718 Fire investigation

UPDATE: 07/26/16 –

Medford, Ore., —

It was a quick response tonight on what is now the 10th fire on the Greenway.

Tonight’s behind the “Ok Market” near downtown Medford.

Crews say it was small, the size of a campfire. ______________________

Medford, Ore. — Police respond late last night to yet another suspicious fire on the Bear Creek Greenway — the ninth of its kind just in the last two weeks.

Medford Police say the small brush fire burned less than a quarter acre near the bike path north of Railroad Park.

The small size of the fire and weather conditions kept it contained and it was quickly put out.

One man was treated for smoke inhalation after attempting to put the fire out. No others were harmed and no structures threatened.

If you have any information, you’re asked to call police.

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