No more Level 3 evacuations remain around the Klondike Fire

A crew mopping up a potential hot spot in the Klondike Fire burn area. (USFS)

CURRY COUNTY, Ore. – As of October 24, those whose property was in danger due to the Klondike Fire can rest a little easier.

The U.S. Forest Service said the fire started after over 1,000 lightning strikes pummeled the area on July 15. Since then, the fire has grown to nearly 174,000 acres 9 miles southwest of Selma.

In mid-October, crews saw over 5,000 acres of increased growth of the fire. Numerous people living near the fire were subject to Level 3 (go) and Level 2 (be read) evacuation notices. However, by October 24, the Curry County Sheriff’s Office issued the following notice:

All residences in the area of Oak Flat Road, Old House Creek Road and all residents on the south side of the Agness Road (3300) Road from the Illinois River Bridge to Coon Rock Bridge will move from Level 3 (GO) to Level 2 (BE SET).

All other areas currently in a Level 2 (BE SET) will remain in a Level 2 at this time. This means there will be no listed Level 3’s in the Agness area.

These changes are due to the fire behavior and suppression efforts. There is still a great deal of fire suppression efforts and suppression repair going on with teams from the Fire Incident Management, CFPA, and local fire agencies. The Curry County Sheriff’s Office will continue to provide sporadic patrol in the Agness area.

As of the latest update on October 24, the fire was 72% contained.

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