North Korea launches two missiles

PYONGYANG, North Korea (NBC) – North Korea fired two unidentified missiles Tuesday, its fourth such launch in less than two weeks.

The tempo of these missile tests has really increased. Four launches in just under two weeks for a total of eight missile tests.

That doesn’t really violate any of the agreements between the Trump administration and Kim Jong-un, who’s the leader of North Korea. But the South Koreans have protested saying it does violate an agreement between the South Koreans and North Koreans that was made last year.

But normally we would have to guess at the motive of the North Koreans why and when they do these missile launches. But Tuesday they released a statement explaining that this was deliberately made in the face of what they call provocation by the US and South Korea with upcoming war games or exercises that are going to be happening in the coming days. This has been a constant complaint of the North Koreans.
They’re regularly furious about these excises between the Americans and the South Koreans, but the Trump administration seems determined to be unusually sanguine about these continuing tests.

Defense Secretary Mark Esper said, “The president had a good meeting last month or so with, with President Kim Jong-un. And we’re not going to overreact to these but we monitor him we watch him closely and we’re cognizant of what’s happening.”

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