Northeast braces for historic snow

NEW YORK CITY – Roughly one-third of all Americans are under winter storm watches or warnings Monday. Heavy snow is moving from the Midwest and expected to blanket the Northeast.

Officials in those areas are warning people to stay in and stay safe.

The nor’easter has officially arrived and more than 100 million Americans are bracing for heavy snow, strong winds and icy conditions. But over the weekend, the Midwest got hit hard from

Wisconsin all the way to Ohio and as a storm moved east, parts of Virginia saw the bulk of the storm.

Crews are working around the clock to keep up with the system. And as conditions went from bad to worse, there were several accidents that were reported

But the snow wasn’t all bad news. Over at the National Mall, hundreds of people gathered to take part in a massive snowball fight.

In Philadelphia, the snow is accumulating and this nor’easter is expected to stick around at least through Tuesday.

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