ODF using helicopters to fight fires

EAGLE POINT, Ore.– Helicopters were also used to help put out the Eagle Point fire which has become a more common way to fight fires in the area.

O.D.F. said so far this fire season, they haven’t had to use as many aircraft as years past.

But as the weather dries out you may see things like helicopters being used more often.

O.D.F. currently uses two different types of helicopters depending on the scope of the fire.

O.D.F. Aviation Operations Specialist Jamie Knight said, “our type one helicopters, they’re really our big workhorse helicopters. They have a much higher payload. Our type two helicopters are generally what we have the most of on contract. They still carry a fairly large amount of water.

O.D.F. has other aircraft to prepare for wildfires including fixed-wing airplanes to help survey the area.

They also have air tankers at their disposal that can scoop water out of rivers and lakes.

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