Officials claim progress on U.S.-Mexico tariff talks

WASHINGTON, D.C. (NBC) – U.S. and Mexican officials claim to be making progress in their effort to avoid import tariffs. But President Trump, who wrapped up his trip to Europe Friday, is still threatening to impose them as he tries to pressure Mexico into stemming the flow of Central American migrants across America’s southern border.

President Trump has left Ireland but he has a big decision waiting for him back home. That has to do with tariffs on Mexico. The question is, will he re-impose them on Monday?

Sarah Huckabee Sanders indicated that they’re still on track for tariffs. All that said, negotiations are taking place.

The president is getting briefings, he’s getting updates, and officials are saying progress is being made.

The progressing efforts to avoid tariffs reportedly include plans for 6,000 additional Mexican troops on their southern border to prevent the flow of migrants coming in. They’d do more to deter and detain migrants. And then there would be additional provisions to make sure that migrants that have applied for asylum actually wait out their application time inside of Mexico instead of crossing the border and coming into the United States.

Again, the president finally needs to make a decision on this. If he, did those 5% tariffs would take effect on Monday, there would potentially be market reaction. It’s a lot for the president to think about as he flies home.

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