Officials say there’s enough fuel to go around

Salem, Ore. – The Oregon Department of Energy says Oregon’s fuel industry is ready for up to one million eclipse tourists.

ODE said the fuel supply ramped up in anticipation for the eclipse. Fuel is available and deliveries are underway.

They added if fuel runs out at a particular station, it’s likely a temporary situation. Fuel haulers are responding with late-night deliveries and sometimes multiple deliveries the same day.

According to ODE, the biggest challenges to the industry will be traffic congestion.

The agency has heard reports about people filling up gas cans. They say that can make the situation worse.

“As for filling up gas cans, that just causes stations to run out of gas sooner and it takes more time, making for a longer wait for the person behind you,” ODE wrote. “Even if you’re concerned about your local station running out of fuel, please know that more deliveries should be coming soon.”

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