OHA ramps up delivery of air conditioning units

PORTLAND, Ore. – The Oregon Health Authority is ramping up air conditioning unit deliveries amid a looming heatwave.

The program is a result of Oregon Senate Bill 1536, which introduced emergency rules regarding indoor temperature controls.

Following the passage of the legislation, the OHA was authorized to distribute air conditioning units to people who are most at risk for heat-related illnesses.

During a weekend ahead of triple-digit temperatures in several Oregon cities, the OHA reportedly ramped up delivery of air conditioning units, delivering 1,000 so far. There are plans for purchasing another 3,000.

“Climate change has made extreme heat events the rule, not the exception, during Oregon’s summer months,” said OHA Director Patrick Allen. “These air conditioning units are a necessary step for building resilience to this health threat, particularly for those most vulnerable to heat exhaustion, heat stroke and death.”

The OHA said it will work with local community-based care organizations in the days to come.

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