OLCC implements temporary rule on marijuana dispensaries

Salem, Ore.– The state is cracking down on marijuana dispensaries for illegally selling to minors.

After the Oregon Liquor Control Commission found numerous marijuana stores across the state serving people under 21, the commission has increased penalties with a new temporary rule.

In Jackson County, four of 12 dispensaries were found to have sold marijuana to a minor. Others are now doing their best to prevent this from happening.

For the company, House of Leaves, their management has set up a list of safety and verification measures to ensure that only customers 21 and over can be admitted into their stores. One method is through transactions.

“In order to cash out a transaction, you can’t do it without verifying the age,” said Ricky La Ve, manager for House of Leaves. “So at that point, you’re kinda reminded, ‘Hey, you need to know this person’s birthday, ask for their I.D, make sure it’s valid.'”

The temporary rule will increase first time offenses to a 30-day license suspension and a fine of $4,950.

It will last for 180 days, after which OLCC will review records and consider options for a permanent rule.

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