Ordinances enforce stricter rules towards Ashland’s homeless

ASHLAND EXCLUSION PICAshland, Ore.– Tuesday night city councilors voted to pass three ordinances that have to deal with the growing transient and homeless population.

The city already has an exclusion zone where homeless and transient people can be fined for being in. Tuesday council voted to include the Oregon Shakespeare Festival’s Bill Patton Garden.

City Administrator Dave Kanner said it’s a secluded area where many trouble makers and homeless have been hanging out.

In addition to the exclusion zone, councilors voted to pass an ordinance that follows county and state law.  All dogs must have vaccination papers or be licensed. Under the exclusion zone, if anyone is caught smoking marijuana in the downtown area or doesn’t have their dogs licensed or vaccinated they will be fined. If they are fined multiple times, they can face jail time.

The ordinances begin December 17th.



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