Oregon Health Authority to require testing for cyanotoxins in drinking water

MEDFORD, Ore — Medford Water Commission says the Rogue River may fall into the category of water sources needing to be tested. However, the agency has yet to be notified by the Oregon Health Authority.

Staff of the Medford Water Commission say they are confident in current technology to provide a barrier to algal toxins.  Officials say the issue in Salem is not something their customers should worry about happening here.

“One we never detected them at our intake and two we have a barrier in place should they ever be detected” said Benjamin Klayman of Medford Water Commission.

The majority of Medford’s water comes from Lost Creek Lake, that’s about 40 miles up river from Medford’s intake.

Since last weeks advisory call in Salem, their have been only two phone calls from concerned customers here in the Rogue Valley.

Medford Water Commission has over 30,000 water connections and services over 90,000 customers.

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