Oregon public utilities focus on wildfire risk

CENTRAL POINT, Ore. – The Oregon Public Utility Commission is in the Rogue Valley trying to prevent a devastating fire from an electrical issue.

Multiple agencies and organizations met at The Oregon Department of Forestry on Tuesday to discuss how they can mitigate the fire risk.

Oregon PUC doesn’t want what happened in California to happen here.

Letha Tawney with Oregon PUC said the state has a good track record so far.

“The California example is a warning that we have an opportunity, a window, a moment to get ahead of the changing wildfire risk,” Tawney said.

Last year,  California’s deadliest wildfire was sparked by electrical lines.

Pacific Power has already announced steps it wants to take to reduce the wildfire risk.

One of the new safety measures the power company is considering, is shutting off the power in high-risk areas in an emergency.

Youc an view an interactive map of  public fire restirctions HERE.


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