Oregon stay-at-home order upheld

SALEM, Ore. – Some late legal maneuvers have kept the Oregon Governor Kat Brown’s stay-at-home orders in place, for now.

Several medical professionals spoke out Monday after a Baker County judge threw out the order.

The decision was made after ten Oregon churches sued the state arguing the state’s social distancing directives were unconstitutional.

Doctors were concerned that the judge’s decision would send the wrong message and lead some to think that it’s perfectly safe to go back to normal.

Governor Brown filed paperwork looking for an emergency review by the Oregon State Supreme Court. Late Monday night, the Oregon Supreme Court ruled in the governor’s favor and a stay has been issued on the county judge’s decision, meaning the stay-at-home orders are still in effect. But legal experts say Governor Brown still may have a tough legal mountain to climb.

Paul Diller with Willamette University Law School said, “I think the Oregon SC will ask some tough questions of Governor Brown. We have two emergency statutes. One allows for emergency orders of unlimited length and other allows for emergency orders for 14 days. The Oregon Supreme Court will try to figure out which statute is applicable.”

So Oregon will continue to reopen in phases for the time being.

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