Oregon winery sales are booming

Medford, Ore.- According to a report recently released by the Oregon Wine board, winery sales in the state have jumped 46 percent from 2013 to 2016.

“I hope we’re not at our peak,” Roxy Ann Winery owner, Chad Day said. “My goal is to grow this winery to about a 33,000 case winery over the next 15 to 20 years, we are currently a 15,000 case winery.”

In the report, if you calculate the sum of all economic activity in Oregon related directly or indirectly to wine, the total is more than $5.5 billion. And Day says he hopes that’s just the beginning.

“We are going to be a mecca of the wine industry because of our diversity, and people like being able to come here and taste everything from Spain to Chile,” he said.

Day says he’s also seen an uptick in tourism.

“People are seeing it and learning about Oregon wine, especially wine in the Rogue Valley, and coming down and exploring it,” said Day.

Paul Dreiling is visiting from Illinois; he said he had to check out the wineries while he was in town.

“When in Rome do what the Romans do,” said Dreiling.

Day says he hopes more people like Dreiling will come and spread the word about Oregon wine.

“Wine is all about the experience so they come here, they get that personal experience, and go home and tell their friends how great Southern Oregon is,” said Day.

Day says he is hoping to expand his wines across the country. He currently distributes to more than a dozen states.

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