Oregon’s moratorium on residential mortgage foreclosures expires this Friday

SALEM, Ore. – Oregonians who are behind on their mortgage payments are running up against the clock.

Oregon House Bill 2009 established a foreclosure moratorium due to pandemic hardships after the federal moratorium ended this past summer. However, the state legislation expires on December 31, 2021. After that, homeowners who are behind on their payments will have to catch up or negotiate with their lenders.

According to Oregon Housing and Community Services, free help is still available from certified housing counselors around the state so homeowners can learn about their options.

“We’ve worked hard throughout the pandemic to keep Oregonians housed and to provide a range of resources to support both homeowners and renters,” Governor Kate Brown said. “With the foreclosure moratorium ending, now is a critical time for homeowners who need assistance to take advantage of other resources. I urge homeowners who are at risk of foreclosure to get assistance as early as possible. There is free housing counseling, and other resources are available that may be able to help them find a way to stay in their home.”

You can search a full list of housing counselors at https://www.oregon.gov/ohcs/homeownership/pages/housing-counseling.aspx

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