Out-of-state customers boost pot sales in Oregon

Huntington, Ore. – 420Ville in Huntington, Oregon has only been selling weed for the past 2 months, and they say in that short time, they’re thriving.

When asked how much pot they’ve sold, and while the owner Scott Matthews didn’t want to brag or boast with an exact number, he excitedly said, “Mmmm. A lot! Hahaha! Let’s just put it that a way.”

According to Scott about 100 customers come into the shop every day, roughly 80 percent of them to purchase for recreation. He says the majority of the people coming to the shop are from Oregon, but a lot of people are traveling from well beyond Oregon’s borders.

Scott said, “We get some from Idaho, we get some from Utah, Nevada. We’ve seen driver’s licenses from as far as New York.”

Because laws forbid Scott from keeping track of where his customers come from, he couldn’t say exactly how many are from Idaho.

The owners of a Huntington single pump gas station said nearly every car they’ve fueled up during the past couple of months had an Idaho plate on it. The owner of a local bar and restaurant says he’s seen Idaho ID’s double since the pot shop opened.

The pot shop owner also says if his sales keep growing, the entire town will see economic benefits.

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