Over 700 sign public land petition

Medford, Ore.– Several group with 700 signatures on a petition, hand delivered them to Congressman Greg Walden’s office today.

The group of concerned Rogue Valley citizens included the Native Fish Society, Native Plant Society, KS Wild and others. They are concerned about protecting public lands.

They said congressional efforts have recently ramped up to seize the lands, which include forests and parks. They worry Walden’s not with them.

“He hasn’t taken a strong stance on the issue at hand.” said KS Wild Conservation Associate, Jeanine Moy. “We want to encourage him to continue to fight for public lands, as he’s not shown support in the past.”

Moy and others also worry that if the government seizes the land, it could then be privatized or auctioned for drilling, mining and logging.

They believe the loss of recreational access will cost people the ability to hike, camp, fish or hunt in some their favorite places.


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